Program Chairperson

The Rotary Club of Enid has a strong emphasis on quality programs for its meetings.

Programs are listed for the coming month in the Rotator each week.

Teague Bickford is the  Program Chair for the 2017-2018 year.

Monthly Program Chairs are:

July - Jarretta Huckins

August - Patrick Anderson

September - Gary Brown

October - Dr. Darrell Floyd

November - Paul Baker

December - Jerry Blankenship

January - Bill Andrew

February - Dwight Olsen 

March - Andy Wilkins

April - Don Jacks

May -  Bob Dense

June - 

For Program ideas or feed-back please contact the specific Program Chair for that month.

 "Thank You!" to each of the chairs who diligently work to provide great programs for our Rotary Club during 2017-2018.