Paul Allen has been named the 2014 Pillar of the Plains.

“I’m obviously honored to be here and humbled,” he said, during a reception for the four Pillar of the Plains honorees Thursday evening. “This honor is really one that should go to about 2,000 people.”


Allen, who came to Enid in 1973, was a founder of the company that now is AdvancePierre Foods. He recognized his wife for raising their children while he was working to get the company started. Advance Food Co. would never have gotten to the point it did had it not been for the community’s help, Allen said.


With the type of work requiring a certain sized facility, Allen said the city was generous in giving Advance the opportunity to move into a building on 54th, where the company operated with minimal expense and had an explosion of success.

“For some reason or another, we were able to recruit the greatest bunch of people that you could imagine,” he said.

Allen pointed out there were several employees present at Thursday’s reception.


“When I accept this honor, I really honestly do accept it knowing that the community of Enid made it possible, and then the next thing that happened was all the great people that we were able to hire,” he said.

Allen and his wife, Joan, underwrote construction of David Allen Memorial Ballpark, named for their late son. Both have remained involved in the baseball program.

He also has supported Habitat for Humanity, Denny Price Family YMCA, Salvation Army and Rotary Club.


By  Staff Writer
Enid News and Eagle